Gina Santi

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Gina Santi was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She studied photography at the Universidad Santa María, Caracas and continued her photography training at the Washington, DC School of Photography. She Teaches Spanish and Anthropology at the university level and in her capacity as an educator and administrator she has worked, lived in, and traveled in many countries, especially those where Spanish is the official language. She has held many solo and collective exhibits in the United States and Abroad.

Gina is an active member of Calaca Cultural Center, Phoenix Art Space, Xico Inc, and ALAC – Advocates for Latin American Arts and Culture. She is also an Associate Photographer at the prestigious Phoenix-based organization Through Each Others Eyes. Gina resides in Tempe, Arizona and is available for assignments worldwide. More of her work can be seen at


I have gained a sense of myself as a photographer. My art is my way to share my passion for world cultures with all those who believe that photography is more than a simple reflection of light on an object: it is an attempt to capture and convey the diversity and beauty in humankind’s varied cultural expressions and environments.